You Would Never Listen

Sleep like a star in the sky,
Your glow,
Frozen in flight,
Where it’s cold, mortally cold,
Where it’s cold
Don’t be afraid of the wind –
It won’t pierce you,
Don’t be afraid of the snow –
It won’t hide
You from the heart, which continues
To love you
Or from the eyes, which still search
For your light
Fear not the ice for soon
You’ll become like it,
Solid yet frail under the touch
Of warmth,
Fear not the rocks, which, like you,
Rest suspended
In capsules of time till they
Suddenly fall
Dread not my voice or the words
I am saying,
Breathe through the pain
They inspire in you;
This lullaby is for those,
Already sleeping,
I let you hear it
Only because I knew
You would
Never listen

The Trail

The trail I follow
In melting, frail snow
Will fade tomorrow
Like a snake on starved rocks
Today – step off it,
Today – fall through,
Today – be damned
And tomorrow – pure
I’m held by nothing;
I’m tied to naught;
Countless, deep steps
Over the hungry void
Smell strong of sweat
Brought to boil by fear –
They mark the safe way –
Not the way for me
Thus, I move away from
The well-trodden trail
Into the swelling whiteout,
Which has called my name
I do not leave
Behind me a path:
I walk alone;
First step, second… last


To the (too) many dead of Everest

Good-night, good-bye!
At last, the soft dawn’s here for me;
On its broad wings it bears
The warmth I need to live
It lifts me briskly up
And carries me away
From where you sleep your timeless sleep,
Which knows not nights from days
Good-night, good-bye!
I can’t sit by your side and rest:
My racing heart, my ticking watch,
The dream, which lights my face,
Must lift me briskly up
And carry me away
From where you sleep your timeless sleep,
In the thin air encaged
I taste your night: cold, heavy, deep…
I spit it out and crawl
Towards the sun, towards the top
Of the awakened world
Good-night, good-bye!
May Chomolungma keep your soul from harm!
Good-night, o faceless dreamer,
My clone of ice and stone!