The Fall is Here

The fall is here;

The wind has brought her

On his wings

Of golden leaves


And left her standing,

Cold and lonely,

At the door

Of summer;


The fall is here;

Her fingers out of clouds

Weave cobwebs

Of despair;


Was it by chance or not

That this unending year

Whom in her web she caught

Was me?


No, it was always

Meant to be

That a lonely fall

Would come for me,



Because my heart,

When it still beat,

Sounded and felt a little


Like her own when she

Stood, cold and lonely,

Knocking on the door

Of summer

The Circle

Like the ice off the earth
In spring,
Like a lie in the presence
Of truth,
Like dry ink off an old
I can feel melting off me
My face,
And my heart I can sense
Every wrinkle and tear,
Every smile,
With whose help it would
Speak to the world,
And who’d pass to it
The world’s reply
As I watch my hands wither
Like leaves,
That I’d gather in bouquets
Each fall,
I recall what a joy it once was
To hold
Rock and snow, and the sunset glow
Over the ocean
As if sculpted from
Alien ash,
My legs, too, crumble
With the wall of time,
And the winter wind
Carries away
All that’s always been his –
Never mine