The Home City

I am your caged sunsets

And melting grey snows,

Your sick, soaring highways

And thin, flightless crows;


I am your pale faces,

And ever-rushing feet;

I am your gas shackles,

Your old madman’s grip;


I’m the shallow breath feeding

Your collapsing lungs;

I am your heart pumping

Cold blood in black lumps;


I’m the unwilling heiress

To your granite grandeur,

To your history’s jewels,

Its demons and debts;


Your prodigal daughter is back –

Let me in!

I tried to run from you,

But how,

When I’m your kin?


I’ve been missing you my whole endless life

Reaching for your face which brightens my dreams

But would you know me if in a narrow street

We brushed shoulders and our hair intertwined?


Do you hear me when I scream in my bed

Fighting shameless ghosts from my undead past?

Do you know I’d do whatever you asked

If you only talked to me and forgave?


No, you’d grieved for me before I could die,

You gave up on me the first time I failed;

I won’t find you – no street’s narrow enough

For you to recognize your sister in me