Wake Up!

I’ve never seen you like this before,

As a little girl in the corner of a round room, bawling;

Loveless and helpless, silenced, forgotten,

You scared me awake when I saw you;


I’m sorry, I’m afraid to step closer

Because I will not know how to hold you:

I do not have the words to console you

Nor the gentle touch of basic compassion;


Forgive me, I can’t run to your rescue

To lead you out of this vicious circle;

Like a fortress, I’m built to protect you

Until the day you outgrow my tall walls;


And till that day, I promise to guard you,

To keep you safe while your strength is growing,

To slay for you a million demons – or saints,

Because you are all that matters;


My hands and weapons will never tire,

I will not falter at the sight of blood nor pain –

To give you all the time that you need to

Remember I’m a dream you are dreaming;


Wake up, wake up, wake up,

To your freedom!

The Awakening

I let it go,

The dream I held so close

To heart


I can’t be sure

That in this life I’ll ever

Have another


It was a dream

That beautifully highlighted

Who I was


It was a wish

That, like the rushing time,

Propelled me forward


I let it go

And, suddenly, I feel

Alive again


I was so sure

The loss would be too much

To overcome


That I held on

To something which brought out

The worst in me


And thought I was

Naught more than just a fleeting

Common dream


I was so wrong:

I’m more than my perception

Of myself


I am the truth

That cannot be destroyed

By what won’t be