A Million Deaths

There is nothing to fear
But my self;
There is nothing to loose
But its chains;
There’s no power
I haven’t possessed;
There’s no weakness
I haven’t made mine;
There’s no bed, where I can
Rest and sleep –
I’ve been a toy of dreams,
Wild and vain,
All my life, all my
Million lives;
And a million of deaths,
Which I died,
Never taught me
That I couldn’t keep
Anything; that I would
Become rain,
That’s naught
But the new life
Of clouds

‘Clouds are the past life of rain’
Thich Nhat Hanh, Understanding our Mind

On the Surface

I float on the surface,
Like the white foam
Of the black seas
Unaware of my purpose,
I am hardly sure
Such a purpose exists
I taste the salt and
Feel the depth
Then, I reach the shallows:
Here I end,
And I grieve
In the glow of sunshine,
To the songs
Of the breeze
I must again dissolve into the sea,
Which I am made of –
The sea, unknowable to me


Why did you have to wake me up?
Unhappy I was not,
Dancing with mists of Sleep
Since I remember, I have been
An unknown, a watch on the hand
Of Time, always counting something
My eyes – for much too long
They have been shut; now
How am I to open them to life?
Now that I have a body and a mind
To feed, how will I learn
How not to poison them with life?
Please, please, I beg you, leave me,
Ruthless morning sun!
The light unto the great book I can’t read
The book of life, written in every tongue
I do not speak, by someone
Much like you – the opposite of me


The night

Is sinking

Its claws

Into my eyes


I fear the dark;

It keeps me


And praying to the stars


When they, too,

Fail me, engulfed

In clouds,

I must


Become a light

Unto myself;

But such a light

How could one trust?


A light,

That fears,

A light,

That falters


A light,

That only


By day


It will go out

If darkness only

Decides it is

A worthy prey