One Day

My lungs were gills once,

And my hands held swords;

My heart was small once,

And afraid of pain;

Unable to forgive or heal

Even a superficial cut,

It hid inside a cage

Without a key


My hair was short once

And my eyes were grey;

My wings were covered

With thick, heavy layers

Of dust and fears

Not to be shaken off,

So like a hunchback

I would walk half-bent;


I met the God of Time

One day, and this

He said to me:

‘Don’t be afraid:

‘Breathe in your days

With a full chest,

And drop the swords you hold –

For they will not protect


You from your enemy –


With your free hands

Release your heart and watch

The bruises disappear,

As love and courage grow;

Straighten your back

And use your gift – your wings


To soar higher

Than you believed you’d dare;

Time is too short –

I know of what I speak –

Let flow your hair of gold,

Let shine your silver eyes,

For when we meet again

I want


To see a woman,


When it’s time to say


The Leaves of Fall

Please, don’t step down for me,

Or any other creature,

From your tall pedestal

Of wisdom,


For, by the time that you

Would reach my lowly world,

I know, and you know, too,

That I would be long gone;


Imagine sitting by the river

And watching

Scarlet leaves

Drift quickly past you


In one of them,

Running from drowning,

Can you not recognize

My daily-aging face?


Can you, from high up

On your throne of knowledge,

Not see the end

Towards which I am rushing,


Dragged underwater and

Pushed back up by the currents,

Thinking it’s freedom to exists

In a shape-shifting cage?


Do not step down for me,

Or any other creature,

Into this icy river

Of oblivion:


Even if you could ever reach me,

I’d simply crumble in your hands