The Shadow

If I were a rock, I wouldn’t

Keep your passing shadow’s trace;

If I were an endless river,

I would carry not for days


On my ever-changing body

Burns from tears nor scars from curses:

Your cold words would disappear

Like in a swift current — stones;


If I were a desert wind,

I’d but brush past you on my way

To the ball that starts are throwing

In the middle of nowhere;


If I were the blue of heavens,

Our lifelines would never cross:

Mine — the immovable horizon,

And yours — the curve of the spinning Earth;


But I’m not a rock nor river,

I can’t be like skies or winds,

Which was why I must have let you

Come to mean so much to me;


Yet, I stand while time flows through me,

Rushed forth by the gale and breeze,

The night devours the darkest shadows,

And so from yours I’ll soon be free

The Awakening

I let it go,

The dream I held so close

To heart


I can’t be sure

That in this life I’ll ever

Have another


It was a dream

That beautifully highlighted

Who I was


It was a wish

That, like the rushing time,

Propelled me forward


I let it go

And, suddenly, I feel

Alive again


I was so sure

The loss would be too much

To overcome


That I held on

To something which brought out

The worst in me


And thought I was

Naught more than just a fleeting

Common dream


I was so wrong:

I’m more than my perception

Of myself


I am the truth

That cannot be destroyed

By what won’t be