The Suit of Lights

Behind closed doors and drawn blinds,

In the midst of this man-made twilight,

I’m putting on my suit of lights*,

My fragile armor;


Woven of silk thread, decorated

With pearls and diamonds,

It is designed not to protect the wearer

But to challenge darkness;


It will not stand the test of steel

Nor this of fire,

And through the fine skin-like fabric

Pain and desire


Hurt, wound and scar the one, who calls

Upon herself the evil of the world

And, like its axis, stands alone

Inside the whirlwind;


Behind closed doors and drawn blinds

In front of a mirror,

Dressed in my suit of lights, I check the fit

Before the devil sees me;


Its fabric glows, its diamonds shine,

Its white pearls glimmer;

It will be torn; I will be killed,

Yet, my heart sings as if I were the winner

*Suit of lights or traje de luces[1] is the traditional clothing that Spanish bullfighters (toreros, picadors and rejoneadors) wear in the bullring. (

The Farthest of the Stars

I am the farthest of the stars:

Millions of light years separate

The truth – that I’m already dead –

From what you see, the clear, white lie;


Alive for you, my glow each night

Stops time in flight and conquers space;

Likewise, my warmth, my love, my smile

Will never die a mortal’s death


So when your hands cannot reach mine,

When silence takes my voice and name,

Look at the farthest of the stars,

And know, what matters – shines, always!

To my Mother


The night

Is sinking

Its claws

Into my eyes


I fear the dark;

It keeps me


And praying to the stars


When they, too,

Fail me, engulfed

In clouds,

I must


Become a light

Unto myself;

But such a light

How could one trust?


A light,

That fears,

A light,

That falters


A light,

That only


By day


It will go out

If darkness only

Decides it is

A worthy prey