Across the Bridge

EverestI had seen things of beauty
Before you;
Before I loved you,
I’d been in love;
Before speaking to you,
I’d known silence;
Before I lost you,
I’d been lost and found;
Why is it, then, that
This separation,
Is not this of us in two,
But of me in two?
As if you’d been the frame
Which supported
All that was me – but clay
Crumbling, unusable now
So now all I can do
Is remember,
For, I know, I could never
I have burned more than bridges
Between us –
It was the me you knew
I destroyed,
So I wouldn’t run back to you,
That you open your heart
One more time
To someone, who did not
Have the wisdom
To tell the love
From a million loves

The Hope Museum

Now you have taken
You shattered me
To smithereens
You buried me alive
And kept
My heart
In a glass box
To watch it
On a dark shelf in your museum
Of hope;
You win – you’ve taken
The arms I fought
And the light I fought

No More

Christophe, mon cher ami, pour toi

You are no more;
That photo
Where we stand together,
Makes no sense
No more;

I am no more
The way I used to be
That corner in my heart
Which you inhabited,
Is deadly cold;

We are no more
Part of this tired yet,
Undying world
And the sliding doors between us
Are closed;

I whisper prayers
To the heavy Earth
For you,
For me,
For us,
Who are no more

Because you are
No more