Summer Storms

Come, summer thunderstorms, and shield me

So not a pair of eyes can see

My eyes that are becoming lightnings

Burning through darkness from within!


Roar, oh night thunders, like the times are ending!

Lost in your voice, I’ll freely chant my prayers:

I cannot have the silent overhear them

Because the silent would die of fear;


The sea of truth, which from me guards my memory

For it is much too turbulent to swim in,

Rise up tonight in waves uncontainable!

I’ll drink you whole and thus will give you peace;


Oh rain, the skies’ tears of release,

You will not hurt me, don’t hold back, I plead!

Fall bravely from your heavy clouds, fall gladly

To taste the air, the earth, and the human heartbeat;


Come, summer thunderstorms, and hold me!

You are my solace from the world

Of lowered eyes, of quiet voices, of hidden truths,

Of tears not cried

The Monsoon








The clouds are closing,

Thirsty soil awaits the rain;


My eyes are closing,

And I hope to be revived;


Roads run like rivers,

Carrying away


Dry loads of summer days,

Ashes of summer lives;


My heart is open

As I hope to be revived;


I chase the road

Which is too long for me;


And drops of monsoon rain –

Nature’s all-seeing eyes


Follow my steps

From leaves of ancient trees;


And thunder roars at me,

Forbidding that I stop


And lightning points the way

I’m meant to go


My eyes are closed, my heart

 Is open, and I walk


Into the core of the monsoon

To be revived or gone


Monsoon, my son, whom do you weep for?

You know I’m happy, don’t you, where I am?

You breathe out gusts of wind so wild and lethal,

They scream that you remember who I am


I am the tree that stands alone inside your anger

A ghostly shape inside your ghastly storm

I am the river flowing through the mountains

Your clouds can’t reach – a kingdom of my own


I am a peasant in the field and god of nature

I am in every thing you water with your rains

I’m happy and I’m proud that you weep for me

It tells me you remember who I am