Atop a Mountain

How have you been

Atop the Mountain,

Beating through winters

And through springs?


I have been well,

But you without me –

Without your heart,

Without a dream?…


I have been nothing,

You must know it:

A shadow of myself,

A ghost;


The pain that took your place
In my chest

Reminds me every day

That I’m no longer whole;


I’m sorry but

I couldn’t take you

To walk with me where I

Have had to walk;


You were too big,

Too wild, too dazzling,

To step down

To my present world;


I left you

On the highest summit,

In the place that’s your home

And my home,


And with an empty chest


To live a life

That’s not my own;


But I can’t bear it

Any longer;

Without a heart,

How can one be?


Won’t you return to me

And save me

From the smallness

Of my thoughts and feelings?


You know too well

I cannot help you:

You have to come for me



With your hands lift me,

Like a mountain,

Rip your chest open

And put me back there;


And if you fail,

You will forever

Wander about

The shadow world;


But should you make it,

You’ll again be


Of a Heart deserving

Across the Bridge

EverestI had seen things of beauty
Before you;
Before I loved you,
I’d been in love;
Before speaking to you,
I’d known silence;
Before I lost you,
I’d been lost and found;
Why is it, then, that
This separation,
Is not this of us in two,
But of me in two?
As if you’d been the frame
Which supported
All that was me – but clay
Crumbling, unusable now
So now all I can do
Is remember,
For, I know, I could never
I have burned more than bridges
Between us –
It was the me you knew
I destroyed,
So I wouldn’t run back to you,
That you open your heart
One more time
To someone, who did not
Have the wisdom
To tell the love
From a million loves

Shadows on Rock

I am merely a shadow, born of sunrise,

And my touch to you, I know, is nothing;

And my words to you, I know, are whispers,

Torn by wind to shreds, and you could never hear me


I am merely a shadow, melting in the white noon;

What are my sweat and blood to you?

They are naught but water, coloured by pain

Dripping down your slopes onto the ground;


I am merely a shadow, dreading the night

By whose spreading wings I’ll be consumed;

In my armour of rock, encrusted with stars

I will become one of your faceless sisters


I am merely a shadow, I will disappear;

What are my triumphs to you, oh Mountains?

It could be that my last breath is this very one

While for you wild gale up high will breathe forever


Oh Mountains, may you be blessed

For you keep bearing our passing shadows

To your proud, unyielding summits,

Upon which Light burns down Time

To nothing