The Forest of Whispers

In the forest of whispers,
In the soil of forgiveness
I plant a seed,
I bury a secret;
With the warmth of my touch
And the moisture of tears
A new willow will grow
In the forest of whispers
And not a soul will know,
And nobody will hear
What I said to the Earth
Or if She forgave me
For the rustle of leaves,
And the wind’s songs to sunlight,
And the wolves’ – the moon
To the human ear sound like nothing

The Monsoon








The clouds are closing,

Thirsty soil awaits the rain;


My eyes are closing,

And I hope to be revived;


Roads run like rivers,

Carrying away


Dry loads of summer days,

Ashes of summer lives;


My heart is open

As I hope to be revived;


I chase the road

Which is too long for me;


And drops of monsoon rain –

Nature’s all-seeing eyes


Follow my steps

From leaves of ancient trees;


And thunder roars at me,

Forbidding that I stop


And lightning points the way

I’m meant to go


My eyes are closed, my heart

 Is open, and I walk


Into the core of the monsoon

To be revived or gone


Monsoon, my son, whom do you weep for?

You know I’m happy, don’t you, where I am?

You breathe out gusts of wind so wild and lethal,

They scream that you remember who I am


I am the tree that stands alone inside your anger

A ghostly shape inside your ghastly storm

I am the river flowing through the mountains

Your clouds can’t reach – a kingdom of my own


I am a peasant in the field and god of nature

I am in every thing you water with your rains

I’m happy and I’m proud that you weep for me

It tells me you remember who I am


Autumn, what color is your hair?

Like mine, it’s this of dying summer;

And this long copper dress you wear

Have you not taken from my shelf?


The strong, cold wind that brought you here

Could be the deepest breath from my chest;

Like mine, your voice is low and quiet,

Like me, all that you are is change


You color skies with daunting colors,

You drain its warmth out of the sun

Like mine, your coming is unwelcome:

It means that worse things are to come


Autumn, you’re smiling from my mirror

A mother’s smile that tells me all shall pass

I trust you, Autumn, but I’m leaving

To chase my dying summer’s warmth