The Monster

So often hurt would follow laughter;

At times a smile would help a tear dry faster;

By different people uttered, the same words

Sound wise in one voice, in another one – absurd;


On a dark winter day a ray of sunshine

Would offer solace, hope and joy;

While on an afternoon in summer

It may feel like but an annoyance;


Today you think I am a monster,

Who knows no empathy or love;

Tomorrow you might change your mind but,

Unlike today, you might be wrong

Where Do You Want Me To Take You?

Where do you want me
To take you,
You, whom I’d been
For so long;
You, whom I killed
Without thinking?
You felt so fragile,
And small…
Where do you wish me
To bury
All things you cherished
And loved?
Where should I
Secretly carry
Your ashes, still thickening,
Clouding my blood?
You were courageous
And gentle,
While I am ruthless
And vain;
Of us two, you were the truth
And the wisdom –
I merely feed off
Of your name;
Where would you choose me
To dig you
The deepest and coldest
Of graves?
Make it a place even I
Won’t remember;
Make it so that I forget
You are me

The Portrait

I draw my thoughts and feelings

On your face,

Imagining they are

Your own,


And put such words between your lips

As you would never say;

To me

It matters not


That you do not exist

The way I see you:

A book in progress

I complete too soon


An empty canvas, which I over-paint

With meaning,

But dry paint cracks, and you emerge –

The true you I don’t know