Summer Storms

Come, summer thunderstorms, and shield me

So not a pair of eyes can see

My eyes that are becoming lightnings

Burning through darkness from within!


Roar, oh night thunders, like the times are ending!

Lost in your voice, I’ll freely chant my prayers:

I cannot have the silent overhear them

Because the silent would die of fear;


The sea of truth, which from me guards my memory

For it is much too turbulent to swim in,

Rise up tonight in waves uncontainable!

I’ll drink you whole and thus will give you peace;


Oh rain, the skies’ tears of release,

You will not hurt me, don’t hold back, I plead!

Fall bravely from your heavy clouds, fall gladly

To taste the air, the earth, and the human heartbeat;


Come, summer thunderstorms, and hold me!

You are my solace from the world

Of lowered eyes, of quiet voices, of hidden truths,

Of tears not cried

Mother Night

I need to see your real face, Night;

Don’t wear your thick makeup of candlelight

Or reassure me with the ticking of the clock

Counting seconds in fear till the arrival of the morning;


I dream to speak to you in your tongue

Of heavy silence that makes tears fall,

When from the darkest corners of the lives forgotten

One’s every demon into their lap crawls;


I wish to rest my head against your chest,

Not watch you cautiously through windows and walls,

As if from freedom in a self-built cell

Locking myself until another tomorrow;

I want to love you like you do me,

And yet how can I with this plastic toy of a heart?

I want to know you like you know me,

And yet how can I with this mad clown of a mind?


At dusk I put all my past doubts to sleep,

Turn off the lights in my old home

And go back to you, Night, for you feel to me

Like to a prodigal daughter – her first Mother

The Offering

I sat before you in the dark,

Bare, nameless, fearful and courageous;

That night I offered you my all,

Not knowing what might happen if you take it;


I sit before you in the dark,

Bare, nameless, fearless, ruined

I love you so, I cannot break

The deadly bond which links you to me;


I’ll sit before you in the dark,

Bare, loving, hopeless, lifeless

And reaffirm my every vow:

You heard my voice, you held my hand –

And took my all in your wild kindness

Full Moon

Can you see the little light on the roof,

Wandering aimlessly, like the smoke

Of a cigar


Looking at you, unreachably high

Peacefully bright,

Ineffably far?


Do you hear the private words, slipping from

The cold lips, which taste of quiet,

And of burning Earth?


Can you see through the dark night of one star

The pale face, which, maybe, half-mirrors



Do you recognize the slow, doubtful steps

Of someone, whom others wrongly

Think strong,


You, who’ve seen this figure painfully walk

On her own through one too many

A night?


Do you look down on her ridiculous dreams,

On her memories, her hopes

And her fears?


Will you watch over the people she loves,

If her light, lost in white snows,



Tell me not that you are

But a soulless star,

Oh, Full Moon,


Blind and deaf

To little lights

On dark roofs