Promise me that I will live forever –

For one long and truly happy day,

When my world, free of all sorrows,

Shall glow and

You’ll be once again in love with me


Promise me that I will soar forever,

Shining like a star above the sea,

My reflection dancing, and then drowning

In night waters:

Promise one last time to dance with me


Promise you will stay with me for good –

Until the time I close my eyes to sleep:

Whisper to my slowing heart the name

Chomolungma –

The name of my life, a lonely dream


When the dusk’s blue arms embrace my sun, I

Promise that I will not be afraid:

I have lived today the blissful lie called

‘Forever’ –

I won’t stay to watch it lose

Its naive face

A Moment of Weakness

I beg you, mirror, do not cry!

Don’t give this empty room the pleasure

Of witnessing your glass tears slide

Down my glass face, and fall, and shatter;


Don’t let it see me on my knees,

Bereft of purpose, hope and meaning,

Struggling to breathe and not to scream

Under this low, old, crumbling ceiling;


Don’t let my room remember that

Like others, I sometimes have moments

Of weakness, and forget my strength –

If it remembers, I’ll be homeless;


Reflect my eyes in yours as dry,

My lips, pressed shut, as if they’re smiling;

Help me pretend that I am fine,

That here, in me, there’s light still shining